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Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 1
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 2
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 3
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 4
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 5
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 5+

G.A.P.’s Animal Welfare Certified label means that animals are raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and are fed a vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. The higher the number, the more the animal’s environment mimics its natural environment.

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Improving the Lives of Farm Animals

G.A.P.’s comprehensive program positively impacts millions of farm animals every year. Being G.A.P. certified means the animals have:








G.A.P. is the Label You Can Trust

With G.A.P., every farm is audited to gain certification. Some other animal welfare certification programs only audit a small sample of farms annually. We feel this level of integrity is necessary, especially when considering the lifecycle of raising live animals.

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 1

G.A.P. requires every farm to be audited every 15 months (through every season) in order to be certified.

G.A.P. Audits Every Farm Every 15 Months

Group Model Certification Programs

Only require that a small percentage (~10%) of farms be audited every 12 months, even though all of them will be “certified.”

Others only audit 10% of farms every 12 months

Small LighbulbThink about it: if you are only auditing a sample of farms annually, it may take up to 10 years to visit and score all farms in the system.

Why You Can Trust the G.A.P. Label

What makes G.A.P.’s program better?

Why G.A.P.? Technical KnowledgeWhy G.A.P.? Technical Knowledge

Technical Knowledge

Our team is made up of scientists with advanced degrees in farm animal behavior and welfare, combined with the practical knowledge to apply it.

Why G.A.P.? Comprehensive ApproachWhy G.A.P.? Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive Approach

G.A.P. develops and implements tiered standards for 8 farm animal species, impacting over 416 million animals annually.

Why G.A.P.? Supply Chain SupportWhy G.A.P.? Supply Chain Support

Supply Chain Support

Our team of meat industry experts have the know-how to connect manufacturers, and bring value to the entire supply chain from farm to fork.

Why G.A.P.? QualityWhy G.A.P.? Quality


Better raising and handling of animals results in better tasting meat – another reason to feel good about supporting change with your purchases.

Why G.A.P.? IntegrityWhy G.A.P.? Integrity


Every single farm is audited to our standards every 15 months.

How Can You Support G.A.P.?

Don’t see enough G.A.P. labeled products in your grocery store or restaurant? Request them.

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It's National Cat Day! Time to show off our G.A.P. Team cats Max, Kevin, Bella, and Bear. Hope all of your kitties are living their best lives! Don't forget to support our G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified pet partners: https://globalanimalpartnership.org/pet-parents/.

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Have you noticed that a lot of meat labels have claims like "no antibiotics" and "all natural"? Labels can be misleading. Just because the claim is on the package, doesn't mean it was third-party verified. Also, animals who weren't given any antibiotics may still have been raised in crates, cages or crowded conditions.

That's why G.A.P. Animal Welfare Standards matter. The animals in a crowded barn may be getting what the need (i.e., food and water) but they're not getting what they want. G.A.P.'s base certification requires that farms meet over 100 animal welfare standards including NO cages and NO crates. If the animals are raised with outdoor access, they must have ample shade and enrichments like scratching posts for cattle and wallows for pigs. As farms and ranches meet higher steps or certification levels, the animals are getting more of what they want. Isn't that something that you want too?

So, the next time you're shopping, #MakeitGAP. Our label says the animal was raised to our animal welfare standards and every farm was third-party audited. Learn more about our G.A.P. Standards here: https://globalanimalpartnership.org/standards/.

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Thanksgiving is officially 1 month away. Do you have a plan? Check out our latest blog with tips to prepare for Thanksgiving in our "new normal". #MakeitGAP #turkey #thanksgiving


Are you on the Keto diet or considering it? Then, we found this delicious keto-friendly pork chop recipe just for you. It will easily fit within your daily limit for total carbs and it's easy to make too. Pan-seared with mushrooms and spinach, these chops are sure to have you licking your chops. Enjoy!

Check it out here >>>>>>>
https://globalanimalpartnership.org/keto-pork-chops (link in bio)

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Transparency matters. Do you look at labels when you're buying meat and other products? The last research study G.A.P. conducted said that 63% of consumers look for labels that call out how the animal was raised when they're buying meat.

When you see the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified label, you know that the animal was raised in a safe and enriched environment with no cages, no crates, NO antibiotics, and NO growth hormones. To learn more about our label and step levels that tell you how the animal was raised, visit www.certifiedgap.org.

And the next time you're at the store, #MakeitGAP! Thanks to Naked Truth Chicken for being a G.A.P. Certified partner! (These frozen waffle flavored chicken bites are DELICIOUS by the way!) @ntchicken #transparency #farmanimalwelfare #meatlabels

It's National Boss's Day! So, here's a special shout out to our fearless leader, Anne Malleau. Day in and day out, she furthers G.A.P.'s mission of impacting the lives of millions of farm animals with the help of our producer and supply chain partners. Anne has served as a Flock Manager, an Account Manager, a Global Meat Coordinator, and an Executive Director. Her advanced degrees in both Science and Business make her unreservedly qualified to lead, but it's her collaborative and empathetic approach to working with our partners and their animals that makes her unique. She's the real deal. Thanks Anne for your commitment to our organization and our mission!
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Did you know? G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certification means that EVERY farm is audited EVERY 15 months. Other certification organizations employ a "group model" where only a sample of farms (~10%) have to be audited, but all farms gain certification. Not G.A.P.! When you see our label, you know that every farm was seen and certified by third-party, independent Certifiers to ensure our animal welfare standards were met.

Auditing farms every 15 months is also an important differentiator for G.A.P. We set that timeframe so that our independent auditors are able to review the animals through different lifecycle stages and through different seasons, to ensure the animals' environment and care is meeting our standards.

So why tell you this? We want you to know that the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified label is the label you can trust. Always.

Want to learn more about our standards and program? Visit our website at https://globalanimalpartnership.org/.

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You can't beat a good beef stew recipe. And when you make it with G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified beef, it's sure to be a winner. Check out this recipe and add to your grocery list. Don't have a dutch oven? Simmer on low in your crockpot. It's the perfect stay-at-home comfort food.


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No surprise that #NationalFarmersDay is also #NationalKickButtDay. Thank you to all of our G.A.P. Certified farm partners who "kick butt" everyday, taking care of their land, their animals, and our families.

#ThankAFarmer #MakeitGAP

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends and family! Many of you are probably planning a smaller gathering this year, but we hope it is just as special.

Thank you to all of our G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified partners who are helping us change the way our food is raised everyday. We are thankful for you.

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This week, we’re happy to welcome another pet brand to the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified family – Earth Animal’s new Wisdom® premium dog food. Crafted in small batches, nutrient-dense, and made with G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified chicken and turkey, Earth Animal’s Wisdom® dog food provides wholesome nutrition for dogs of all ages and life stages.

Earth Animal was founded in 1979 with a mission to create a more humane, mindful, and sustainable pet company, one Earth animal at a time. There are lots of ways to enjoy Earth Animal’s Wisdom® dog food: as a nutritionally complete meal, as a ready-to-eat mixer, as a delicious topper, as a doggy trail mix snack, as a puzzle-stuffer, and as a training treat.

Learn more here (link in bio): https://www.earthanimal.com/our-products/wisdom-dog-food

You can purchase Wisdom® dog food online through the Earth Animal website, or, if you live in the Northeast, you can find at your local independent retailer. #MakeitGAP for your dog! @earthanimal1979

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Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Just celebrating with your spouse and kids? No problem. You can still enjoy your traditional turkey tradition without having to roast a full turkey.

Try this delicious recipe using bone-in turkey breasts. (link in bio) Size up or size down depending on who you're cooking for and how much leftover turkey you'd like. Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP.!


Special thanks to our Canadian turkey producers @rossdownfarms, @JDturkeyfarm, @yvforganic, and @haytersfarm!
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As part of our continuing education series on broiler chickens, we are sharing insights related to the many facets of the recently completed Better Chicken Project study.

Check out our recent blog on "What makes a better broiler?" and stay tuned for more content related to this comprehensive research study. >>>>>>>>> (link in bio) https://globalanimalpartnership.org/about/news/post/what-makes-a-better-broiler/

It's still National Chicken Month. When was the last time you made a big steaming pot of chicken and dumplings? No better time than the present.

Print out or save this slow cooker Chicken & Dumplings recipe now and don't forget to #MakeitGAP! Get in my belly...


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Look for These Brands When You Shop

365 Everyday Value

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 & 3 / Pork, Step 1


Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2

Applegate Farms

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 1 & 3 / Chicken, Step 2 & 3 / Turkey, Step 1 / Beef, Step 4

Atkins Ranch

Products & Brands:
Lamb, Step 4

Bell & Evans

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2

Best Dressed Chicken

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 3

Bilinski’s Sausage Mfg Co

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 3

Continental Sausage

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 1 / Pork, Step 1

Country Natural Beef

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4

Diestel Turkey Ranch

Products & Brands:
Turkey, Step 3

Earth Animal

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 / Turkey, Step 1


Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 1; Chicken, Step 2; Pork, Step 1

Family Ranch

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2

Fork in the Road Foods

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 / Pork, Step 1


Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 / Turkey, Step 1

Happy N Healthy Pet Products

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 4 / Beef, Step 1 & 4

JD Farms Specialty Turkey

Products & Brands:
Turkey, Step 1

Joyce Farms

Products & Brands:
Chicken Step 4, Poussin Step 2, Beef Step 4

La Quercia

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 4

Llano Seco Rancho

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 2

Mary’s Chicken

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 3 & 5

Mary’s Turkey

Products & Brands:
Turkey, Step 3 & 5

Naked Truth

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2

Nature’s Rancher

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 1 / Chicken, Step 2

Olli Salumeria

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 1 & 3

Only Natural Pet

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 3

Open Farm Pet

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4 / Lamb, Step 4

Original Brat Hans

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 & 3

Panorama Meats

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4

Perky Jerky

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4 / Turkey, Step 1

Pine Manor

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2

Pineland Farms Natural Meats, Inc.

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 1 & 4

Reunion Foods

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 1

Serenity Kids

Products & Brands:
Turkey, Step 4

Tender & True Pet Nutrition

Products & Brands:
Chicken, Step 2 / Chicken, Step 3 Organic / Turkey, Step 1 / Pork, Step 1 / Lamb, Step 4

Thompson Farms

Products & Brands:
Pork, Step 5+

Wellshire Farms

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4 / Pork, Step 1, 4 & 5

Western Grassfed Beef

Products & Brands:
Beef, Step 4

Yorkshire Valley Farms Ltd.

Products & Brands:
Turkey, Step 2