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  • Daniel Beerbohm says:

    Hi this Dan Beerbohm from Scribner Ne and I was approached about raising hogs for you guys. I’m currently with Harritatg and was approached by Bill Ellierts to raise hogs for your company. I have tried to call the number he gave me and all I get is an answering machine and I have left several messages and no reply back. I have been raising specialty hogs for about 15 years and I would like someone to give me a call before I change over to your company, from what I read about your company, it sounds like a good company. the number I have been dialing is 573-429-6584. So if you could e-mail me back or give me a call @ 402-380-4305 thanks I hope that I have the right American Pasture Pork Dan Beerbohm

  • Daniel Beerbohm says:

    Hi my name is Daniel Beerbohm from Scribner NE and was wondering if some one from American Pasture Pork could get a hold of me, I’m already gap 3 certified and had a person call me and asked if I would be interested in buying his feeder pigs and raiseing them for your company. I have treid to get a hold of a person and they haven’t got back intouch with me. So was wondering if someone from Pasture Pork them selvies could get a hold of me. you can reach me through this e-mail address
    Thanks Dan B

    • Renae Donus says:

      Hi Dan, my apologies for just seeing this comment. Please email or fill out our inquiry form on the Contact page of the website. We don’t get notifications on blog comments, which is why this was missed. I’m sure someone on the G.A.P. team can help. Thanks!

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