Joe Pozzi Ranch

Pozzi Ranch Lamb 

Farm/Ranch Partner

California, USA

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 4

Pasture Raised (Step 4) sheep

G.A.P. Partner Since 2018


Pozzi Ranch Lambs® are raised by Joe Pozzi and a group of family ranchers in Northern California on open pastures of natural grasses and legumes. All of their lambs are raised by ranchers in California who have qualified for the Pozzi Ranch Lamb® Program.

Pozzi Ranch Lamb on Pasture
Pozzi Ranch Lamb - Sheep in the Fields

These qualifications include a strict management practice for both the animals and natural resources on the ranches. To provide a year-round supply of lambs, Pozzi works with other family ranches throughout Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley.

Pozzi Ranch follows the patterns of the growth of the grasses. In the spring through early summer, the lambs come from Sonoma and Marin Counties. In the late summer, fall and winter, the lambs come from pastures in the Sacramento Valley. This rotational grazing is a key principal for Pozzi family ranches.

Pozzi Lamb follow the seasons
Joe Pozzi of Pozzi Ranch Lamb

As a fourth-generation rancher, Joe Pozzi has spent his entire life raising sheep and cattle. Ranching is a labor of love for the Pozzi family. Through ranching, they feel a deep connection with the land, the animals and their customers. This spring, Joe visited a Whole Foods in Reno, NV, where he set up a table and a grill and cooked his delicious lamb for shoppers. His goal is to help consumers understand the connection between the food they eat, the farmers who provide it, and responsible stewardship practices.

"Protecting agriculture in Marin is about more than just protecting the land. It is also about active stewardship and innovation. That's why our G.A.P. animal welfare certification is so important – it is proof that the practices we put in place really matter."

Joe Pozzi