GAP is Honored That Businesses Support Us Through Donations and Sales Proceeds

GAP Partners: Mission-based & Donors

You are the positive change that farm animals need in the world.

By donating a portion of your sales to the GAP 5-Step® program, or by making an ongoing donation to help our non-profit organization, you are making a difference. Using our GAP label in your marketing immediately communicates to your community and customers that you are committed to better animal care and production systems. Your financial support helps us fund studies, hire staff, and expand our program to include more animals. Displaying our brand in your marketing helps us build awareness with consumers and gain more momentum for our great cause.

Become a Partner

GAP is actively looking for companies and organizations who align with our mission and values, and who would like to support us through proceeds of their sales or annual donations, in return for promotional partnership.


Do you want to support us and change the lives of farm animals around the world? Or if you have questions, we're ready to help answer them.