Hearst Ranch

Located in San Simeon, California

G.A.P. Partner since 2011

Cattle Rancher

Certified to Pasture Raised (Step 4) level


All Hearst Ranch Beef cattle spend their entire lives on the company’s two ranches on California’s Central Coast: the 83,000-acre Hearst Ranch, in San Simeon, and the 73,000-acre Jack Ranch located 60 miles inland near Cholame. Hearst Ranch Beef cattle are never procured from other ranches – each and every one is born and spends its life entirely in their care.

Hearst Ranch - Partners with Global Animal Partnership

Hearst ranches are spacious and mostly-wild places. They give cows room to be cows – and let them lead largely natural lives. They carefully manage grazing – moving cattle throughout the ranches on a seasonal basis – to ensure they have ample nutrition while not depleting native vegetation. Like many other ranchers, they have demonstrated that well-managed grazing enhances the biotic condition of their native grasslands, oak woodlands, and coastal prairies.

In addition to grass-fed beef, Hearst also produces clean, renewable energy with the California Flats solar project on the Jack Ranch. Completed in 2019, this project was designed specifically to complement existing grazing operations and generates enough renewable energy to serve the needs of about 100,000 homes annually.

Hearst Ranch Grass-fed Beef

"For decades Hearst has been a leader in grass-fed beef production, low-stress livestock handling, rotational grazing and proactive management for wildlife and water quality. Our Global Animal Partnership certification helps communicate to our customers that we’re taking good care of the land and our animals."

Hearst RanchG.A.P. Partner Since 2011