Global Animal Partnership Partner Cattail Creek Lamb

Cattail Creek Lamb 

Farm/Ranch Partner

Oregon, USA

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 4
100% of Farms G.A.P. Certified

Pasture Raised (Step 4) sheep

G.A.P. Partner Since 2016


Our lambs only eat grass, clover and other forbs that are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. They are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. They spend their lives outside grazing on pastures designed for the expression of natural behavior and good health. We are certified by Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.). They make sure we “walk the talk.”

Cattail Creek Lamb - G.A.P. Certified Partner
John Neumeister of Cattail Creek Lamb

“My wife Gwen and I live on a small place in the hills west of Junction City, Oregon where I started CATTAIL CREEK LAMB in 1984. It’s always been important to me to raise the highest quality lamb by natural means.”
 – John Neumeister, owner + operator