b'Gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving is as traditional as football and pumpkin pie.Families large and small are planning different ways to celebrate,play it safe!from small intimate meals with immediate family or neighbors,Whether you choose a fresh or frozen turkey, there are to virtual get-togethers with all the cousins, aunts and uncles.some things to take into consideration when storing Whether you plan to dine al fresco in the backyard, six feet apart,and prepping. First and foremost, put your turkey in the or set the dining room table for your feast, there are plenty ofrefrigerator as soon as you arrive home from the store. options for turkey, from whole birds, to breasts, to legs. Place a roasting or sheet pan underneath to prevent cross contamination.Turkey is one of the most versatilemeals you can make. Remove the turkey from the refrigerator about an hour before placing in the oven. No matter the number of guests you have, turkey is the centerpiece. Size matters and there are many options to choose from. Cooking a whole Do not rinse or wash a whole turkey, turkey breast or legs, turkey has its benefits. If you love leftovers, buy a bigger bird. (See page 9doing so may contaminate other surfaces. for some of our favorite ideas!). Dont want to cook a whole bird? Consid-er roasting a turkey breast, or braise legs and thighs for two people, plusAlways wash your hands and utensils and disinfect any surfaces a few. You can even ask your neighborhood butcher to cut a whole bird inthat may have come into contact with turkey juices. half, so you get both white and dark meat with less time in the oven. Remember to remove the neck and giblets from the cavity. Whole Turkey 1 lb. per person, 1 1 /2 lbs. if you want leftovers Save the for neck for soup and cook giblets for the dog!Bone-in Breast3/4 lb. per person For optimum safety, the USDA recommends prepping and Boneless Breast1/2 lb. per person cooking stuffing separately. Stuffing the bird may result in Turkey Legs with Thighs1 leg serves 12 people longer cooking times and internal temperatures may not ad-equately cook the stuffing. If you choose to stuff, the internal temperature of the stuffing should reach 165 F. Click HERE for more information from the USDA.plan ahead: thawing out a frozen turkeyIt will take approximately 24 hours for every 5 pounds of turkey to thawA meat thermometer is essential in determining ifin the refrigerator (this will vary depending on your fridge temperature;the turkey is fully cooked. Insert the thermometerthe colder the fridge the longer the thaw). For example, an 812 lb.into the thickest part of the thigh without touchingwhole turkey will take between 1.5 to 2.5 days to thaw.the bone. The USDA recommends it should readYou can also thaw your turkey in cold water in a cooler or bucket. This165 F when cooked. Turkey breasts and legs shouldmethod will take about 30 minutes per pound. Put your wrapped turkeyalso reach an internal temperature of 165 F. breast-side down in a cooler or large bucket and fill it with cold water to cover it. It will probably float until it is thawed. Put the probe of an alarm thermometer in the water, set to 41 F. If the alarm sounds, your water is getting too warm. Add ice to bring the temp back down below 41 F.Wrap up leftovers and refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking. If you dont have a leave-in probe thermometer, check the water tempMeat should be used within 3-4 days, otherwise it should be every half hour with an instant-read thermometer. Continue to add icefrozen. if the temperature gets over 40F. You will probably need 1-2 bags of ice, so make sure to have it on hand. If youre using a cooler, it helps toDont forget! If you plan to use the carcass for stock, be sure leave the cooler lid closed to maintain the temperature longer. to refrigerate it within 2 hours of cooking. Make your stock Plan to prep and cook as soon as your turkey is thawed. within 3-4 days of being roasted, otherwise freeze until you plan to use it.Remember! Never thaw a turkey by leaving it out on the counter.2|G.A.P. Thanksgiving Gude 2020 G.A.P. Thanksgiving Gude 2020|3'