b'its all fun and games.THANKSGIVINGat thek i d stable! words c r a m b l eplay with your food! 1. HAIGISNNKGTV_________________________________ Use a mix of Applegate Naturals turkey deli slices, La Quercia prosciutto and cheese slices fanned out in the shape of a turkeys tail feathers. 2. OGBELB BGLOBE_______________________________ Place a Bell & Evans chicken nugget on top. Use cheese to makean upside-down triangle for the nose, black peppercorns for eye 3. TEURYK_______________________________________ and sweet red pepper to make the turkey neck. 4. HTULFNKA_____________________________________ THANKSGIVING WORD SEARCH 5. PPAEL EIP ______________________________________ 6. LRPIGIM_______________________________________ T A A S G P G B J F E A S T S V U Q 7. TVEEEALSGB___________________________________ H P J T A W W I S H B O N E Q W K D 8. EBRVONEM____________________________________ E P H E P L A F O O T B A L L L V T 9. HAQUSS_______________________________________ R L X P C J P O T A T O E S M R S U 10. UAUTMN______________________________________ M E J R E D R U M S T I C K N U F R 11. CREBRDANO___________________________________ O C D A R M P U M P K I N P I E A K 12. RSDEEST______________________________________ M I T T T H Z S T U F F I N G Q M EE D I I I N O V E M B E R E V Y I YT E V N F P A R A D E V N J L E L I jokinga r o u n d ImE R W G I H E U P A V G R A V Y Y RR F S W E E T P O T A T O E S Y Q KW T E O D G C R T H A N K F U L M O1. What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?2. Why was the turkey the drummer in the band? 3. Which side of the turkey has the most feathers? Grab a pencil, pen or crayon and find the following words in the puzzle: 4. Whats the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?APPLE CIDERG.A.P. CERTIFIED PUMPKIN PIETHERMOMETER5. What has feathers and webbed feet?DRUMSTICKGRAVYSTEP RATINGTURKEY FAMILYNOVEMBERSTUFFINGWISHBONEFEASTPARADESWEET POTATOESFOOTBALL JOKING AROUND1. Your nose!2. Because he had the drumsticks3. The outside4. The tur-key5. A turkey wearing scuba gearPOTATOESTHANKFUL 7. Vegetables8. November9. Squash10. Autumn11. Cornbread12. DessertTHANKSGIVING WORD SCRAMBLE 1. Thanksgiving2. Gobble Gobble3. Turkey4. Thankful5. Apple Pie6. Pilgrim10| G.A.P. Thanksgiving Gude 2020G.A.P. Thanksgiving Gude 2020|11'