GAP Higher Welfare Chicken Initiative

GAP is replacing 100% of chicken breeds that result in poor welfare outcomes by 2024 with breeds meeting specified welfare outcomes within its 5-Step® Rating Program.

Revising the standards and implementing the transition begins now with the goal of 100% replacement by 2024.

The Facts

  • Fast-growing chicken breeds represent 98% of all commercially available chicken in North America. Today’s chickens have been genetically selected for their fast, efficient growth and higher yield of breast meat.
  • This practice has had detrimental effects on on the welfare of chickens, including immune and musculoskeletal problems. These problems result in physical limitations like perching, flying, and even walking.

What is GAP Doing?

By addressing fast growth practices, GAP is getting to the root of welfare problems facing chickens today. Our plan will dramatically improve chicken welfare by: