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It's National Chili Dog Day! Whoever came up with the idea to combine two delicious meat products together in a warm bun that you can eat with your hands is pretty much genius status in our book. Celebrate their invention by downloading this recipe and picking up the ingredients tonight. Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP! (link in bio)

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Did you know that feedlots for beef cattle are prohibited in order to achieve a G.A.P. Certification level greater than Step 2 (Enriched Environment)? Even at the base certification level and at Step 2, cattle must be kept in pasture and can only be placed in a feedlot for finishing. We also have minimum vegetation requirements for pasture, and weaning age minimums for calves at all levels.

We're proud to say that more than 3/4 of our G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified beef partners meet the requirements for Step 4 (Pasture Raised) or higher. We are proud to work with so many ranchers who care about their cattle and their land.

Learn more about our G.A.P. Beef Standards and view a list of current partners here: (link in bio)

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Do you look for the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified label when you shop for your pet? We have lots of pet food partners who responsibly source their proteins from G.A.P. Certified farms and ranches.

You care so much about the health and well-being of your dog and cat. Isn't it nice to know you're helping impact the lives of farm animals too? When you purchase pet food with the G.A.P. label you are voting with your dollars for better animal welfare. Thank you for helping us #MakeitGAP and for the pet brands who prioritize G.A.P. proteins for their products so we can make better choices.

Visit our pet page here:

Open Farm Tender & True Pet Nutrition Halo Pets Earth Animal Canidae Pet Food Only Natural Pet Freshpet Nugget's Healthy Eats Whole Foods Market

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Don't have a smoker but love that smoky flavor? Check out this Applewood Smoked Chicken recipe that you can make on the grill. Coated in a delicious dijon rub, this recipe is sure to please. Try it this weekend and don't forget to #MakeitGAP! (link in bio)

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Ready for some G.A.P. rib-ucation? It's summer and that means it's time for some juicy BBQ RIBS. Check out our blog with all of our tips for making your best batch yet. Spoiler alert: it all starts with quality. #MakeitGAP and choose G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified pork or beef ribs when you shop! (link in bio)

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It's summer! Have you thought about packing a picnic for a fun day out with your pup? Or maybe a nice morning hike? A fun paddleboard or canoe outing on the lake? Just make sure to pack plenty of water (for both of you!) and some G.A.P. Certified snacks (we ❤️jerky), G.A.P. Certified dog treats, and sammies with G.A.P. Certified meats. West Coast friends - stay safe when you're out and watch for signs your dog isn't overheating. 🔥Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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Looking for a delicious new recipe for your Kamado Joe Grill® or Big Green Egg®? Check out these Korean Beef Kebabs made with G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified ground beef. Enjoy them as kebabs or pop them onto a bun and turn them into sliders. De-lish! (link in bio)

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Did you know that G.A.P. has requirements in our standards for Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs)? Guardian dogs are raised on many of our G.A.P. Certified farms to protect the farm animals from predators. Usually, guardian dogs protect animals like sheep that are easier prey due to their smaller size. Especially with sheep that are grazed extensively – meaning the sheep are given access to large areas of grazing land – guardian dogs patrol the perimeter of the pasture on a regular basis, especially at night, when predators are more active. This helps deter predators without having to set up really long fence lines (not practical for large grazing areas) or set traps (leg traps, snares, etc. are prohibited by G.A.P.’s standards).

Check out this article highlighting High Country Lamb and the way they use their guardian dogs to protect their sheep. 💗 (link in bio)

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Looking for a healthy summer recipe made with fresh berries? Throw some G.A.P. Certified chicken breasts (or thighs) on the grill and top them with a fresh mix of blueberries and lime. Add a side salad and you have a light, delicious summer meal perfect for enjoying on the back patio. (link in bio)

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Happy 4th! We hope you enjoy your day with family and friends. If you're grilling, don't forget to #MakeitGAP! Cheers!

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Yes, there is a holiday for everything... Today is International Chicken Wing Day. Why not celebrate with some G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified wings for dinner? Whether you like them sweet, spicy, or smothered in blue cheese, it's hard to resist these little juicy morsels. Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP!

Of course, we have a couple of chicken wing recipes on our website. This one is our favorite: (link in bio)

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Time for a noodle bowl! You may order out for these, but you can make them at home too - with G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified proteins, of course. This recipe calls for grilled turkey and rice stick noodles but make it your own -- substitute soba or egg noodles, and grilled chicken, steak, or pork. Either way, it spells d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Get the recipe here and #MakeitGAP! (link in bio)

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Did you know? Chickens certified to G.A.P.'s Step 2 / Enriched Environment animal welfare standards must be raised in houses with windows so that the chickens have plenty of natural light. They must also be given at least two different types of enrichments like hay bales or perches, and, of course, have enough space to move around per G.A.P.'s space requirements for Step 2 indoor systems.

G.A.P. is also working to determine new protocols defining slower-growing breeds as part of our animal welfare requirements through the Better Chicken Project. Why should you care about broiler chicken welfare? Check out our blog post here: (link in bio)

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G.A.P. Proudly Welcomes 777 Bison Ranch, our first Animal Welfare Certified Bison Partner!

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