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Vincent DuBreton of DuBreton

“The story begins in 1944 when my grandparents were working on a farm and decided to start a small company. They were farmers, they had a general store, and my grandfather started to produce animal feed.

Years after years, they had transfered their passion to their kids. My father took a special interest in the family business and took over during the ‘70s. It was important for my father to contribute to the evolution of the industry and to work on really good products for families. He wanted to be in control of its production from the farm, all the way to the finished product.

Today, my father is still working with his team on each step of the production. I focused on developing natural and organic products. I am passionate about the business founded by my father and grandfather.

As a family, we still have our own farms. But nowadays, in order to meet the increasing demand for their specific products, we have to work with a large network of family farms located in Quebec and Ontario.

After many years in the industry, clients and consumers shared their concerns about animal welfare, GMO and antibiotics. DuBreton has always been ahead of competition and continues to enhance its programs.

Nowadays the North American pork industry is challenging, especially for small businesses like duBreton. With the clients’ and consumers’ comments, we understood it was an opportunity to introduce new products on the market and probably be more competitive.

As a family business, we take great pride in improving the way animals are raised and it’s great to know our consumers appreciate the way we do things. We receive a lot of supportive messages from them each week from all over North America. This is a great satisfaction for the whole team.

I am in touch with the farmers and their managers on a regular basis. It is important to provide recommendations and be consistent with the certifications.

I have to keep an overview on each step of production and with the help of my team we define which practices are best when working on farms and on our processing plan. However, I realize that farmers work really hard each day to ensure that animals are secured. They come to the farm early in the morning and they make sure each barn is clean in order to keep the animals comfortable and healthy.

We take pride in contributing to promote healthy eating. That is why duBreton works closely with renowned organisations like Whole Foods Market and Global Animal Partnership. For company, I choose our partners, farmers, certification organisations and customers in the objective of offering the best products of pork in favor of responsible consumption.

Producing organic and natural pork surprised us in some ways. We quickly realized that it suited more to our family’s history and wishes. It was more than about the performance and business aspects, it was answering our own agriculture expectations. We want to consider consumers’ requirements, while respecting the animals and environment. DuBreton considers animal welfare a top priority.”