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The Goods Behind the Brand

One key to lasting success is being open to new ideas. Wayne Farms went after G.A.P. certification and then took on the challenge of developing a fitting brand to take to the consumer—a task that was a bit outside the box for an organization that earned its reputation as a leading foodservice company. With teamwork, drive and innovation, Wayne Farms debuted Naked Truth® Premium Chicken.  Recently launched in 221 Sam’s Clubs in 19 states, the brand is loaded with style and great taste, not to mention a robust animal welfare program. This month’s MEAT+POULTRY magazine features Naked Truth products in an article entitled “Bridging the G.A.P.” – check it out here.

Achieving an impressive Step 2 G.A.P. Certification, Wayne Farms is not only dedicated to improving welfare but has proven they can meet G.A.P.’s rigorous welfare standards. This means their chickens are raised with more floor space, enrichments to encourage the birds’ natural behaviors, and more – all while adhering to strict animal health thresholds without the use of antibiotics.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with these folks across all facets of their operation, from implementation of the G.A.P. Step 2 animal welfare standards to marketing and everything in between. G.A.P. is proud to partner with Wayne Farms and the Naked Truth® brand of products…we can’t wait to see what they do next. Here’s to 2019!