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A New Year in Farm Animal Welfare

A New Year for Farm Animal Welfare

Happy New Year!  We find the first week of January a really magical time – a time to reflect on the previous year, and all the exciting plans for the New Year.

Global Animal Partnership certainly had an exciting 2017 – we continued to grow our team, added new partners, added new farm animal welfare standards for laying hens and pullets, had lots of activity around our Better Chicken Project – and these were just a few of the highlights.

Upon reflection, 2017 also reinforced to me the incredible and inspirational network of farmers, ranchers, suppliers, brands, processors, manufacturers, retailers, foodservice, organizations, and companies that we work with. In 2018 we remain committed to these relationships, as well as to exploring new ones, to further our mission of improving the lives of farm animals Step-by-Step.

Looking forward to 2018, this year is a special milestone in G.A.P.’s history as it marks our 10th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that back in 2008, G.A.P. was a small grassroots farm animal welfare organization and has now grown into far more than we could ever have imagined, impacting 290 million farm animals. We’ve got lots of things planned for this celebratory year that we can’t wait to tell you about. Watch this space and celebrate with us!

Anne Malleau
Executive Director