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Raising the Steaks

Meet G.A.P. at Expo West

Global Animal Partnership Offers its Expertise to Guide Natural Meat Brands into Higher Animal Welfare

We are excited to again attend the annual Natural Products Expo West show March 7 – 9, 2019 in Anaheim, California. The natural products industry’s appetite for better, more humanely raised meat is on the rise as more meat-eating consumers demand higher welfare options. We are constantly getting inquiries from retailers and manufacturers asking how to obtain Global Animal Partnership’s (G.A.P.) certification for animal welfare. As a result, we’ll be looking to connect with manufacturers and brands at the show who are listening to that consumer demand and want to raise the steaks on animal welfare.

Introducing our new Global Animal Partnership Label

Even with the rise of plant-based meat alternatives, the reality is most people do eat meat, therefore meat consumption is not going away anytime soon. We’ve recently conducted our own shopper research to better understand perceptions and purchase decisions around those who buy meat. What we found is, not surprisingly, labels are confusing and consumers are unsure of who to trust.

That’s why at the show we will be unveiling our new and improved label – the Global Animal Partnership certification label you’ll find on meat products that are certified by G.A.P.. Our new label will be launching on store shelves later this year and coincides with our mission to educate consumers around the credibility of G.A.P.’s audit program and how visiting every farm every 15 months (instead of just a portion of farms as some competitors do) is assurance for consumers who want to feel better about the meat they eat.

Feel Good About the Meat You Eat - #makeitgap

Helping companies step up their animal welfare by building their supply chain with them

Supply Chain Support from GAP

G.A.P. Helps Through the Entire Supply Chain

As a leading meat labeling program for animal welfare standards, our team of meat industry veterans are uniquely equipped to help offer guidance, make connections and help solve challenges for meat companies looking to step up their animal welfare. One of the main challenges we come across are companies that have made a commitment to do things like, go cage-free by a certain date, but they may no real plan to make it happen. That’s one of the many situations where the G.A.P. business development team is a valuable resource.

At Expo West we’ll be looking to meet with manufacturers and brands who need supply chain support for sourcing G.A.P. certified meats. Our team can connect your company with producers to bring value to the entire supply chain and also help producers utilize the entire animal.

Contact us if you’re interested in meeting at Expo West during March 7 – 9. We’ll be happy to share examples of how we’re already working with G.A.P. partners to raise the steaks on their supply chain, and most importantly, learn more about your business and what you’re looking to achieve.

Email the G.A.P. Business Development Team at with attention to Amy Cunningham. We can grab a steak, a coffee or a drink.