Introducing the First G.A.P. Certified Baby Food!

As consumers, we look for labels when purchasing meat at the butcher counter or meat case, so it’s only natural to seek out those same meaningful claims on baby food too.  That’s why we’re excited to announce the first G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified baby food product, Pasture Raised Turkey, by Serenity Kids. Just in time for Thanksgiving, this wholesome turkey blend is made with more of fall’s favorite ingredients: organic sweet potato, organic pumpkin, organic beet, and organic avocado oil. Packing 5g of protein and 5g of healthy fats, Serenity Kids Pasture Raised Turkey comes in an easy-to-serve pouch for baby. The pouch is also free to recycle, via a partnership with TerraCycle. You can buy pouches online now at, and you should also see them in Hy-Vee, Lucky’s, and Harmon’s by end of October / early November (with more retailers to come this year and in early 2020). White Oak Pastures, one of our valued G.A.P. farm partners, produces the pasture-raised turkeys for this new product.  

G.A.P.’s partnership with Serenity Kids is a natural fit, as the missions of our organizations center around farmers, animals, and sustainable agriculture. Serenity Kids not only wants to change the way babies eat and feel, but to leave them a better, healthier planet, through regenerative agriculture sources. A portion of all Serenity Kids profits go to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, an organization that defends farmers’ rights and helps protects consumer access to nutrient-dense foods.

We hope this is just the start to having G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified ingredients available in a variety of baby food products. When you see the G.A.P. label, you can be assured that no antibiotics, added growth hormones* or animal by-products were used in the product’s meat ingredients. G.A.P.’s animal welfare standards also cover the entire lifecycle of the animal, in the case of turkey – from poult (another word for a turkey chick) to adult, through transport and slaughter. G.A.P. also requires that every farm (not just a sample of farms) be third-party audited and certified to ensure G.A.P.’s standards are being met. We hope all of these facts help you feel good about the meat you, and your family, are eating. Our team works diligently to expand our label and program into new grocery and product categories. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter (in the footer of our website) to stay up-to-date on all of these exciting developments.

Have a product you’re interested in getting G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified? Email us at and we’ll get the conversation started. Or, you can start the application process on our website by selecting GET CERTIFIED on

*Note: Federal regulations prohibit the use of growth hormones in poultry