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#MakeItGAP This Thanksgiving with Our Free Turkey Guide

By November 1, 2018October 28th, 2019Audience: Everyone, G.A.P. Meal Ideas
G.A.P. Turkey Guide

Support Turkey Farmers Raising Livestock the Right Way

Get our New G.A.P. Turkey Guide for Thanksgiving

Our community of meat-eating consumers tell us that they want to feel good about the meat they eat this Thanksgiving and the producers who raise them. We know they are looking for animal welfare certified meats, like turkey, at the supermarket. Shoppers look to Global Animal Partnership for guidance on the brands that offer G.A.P. certified products. In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, we’re happy to launch our first G.A.P. Turkey Guide.

G.A.P. Turkey Guide

Get the G.A.P. Turkey Guide Today!

We want to help consumers #MakeItGAP, whether they eat a lot of meat, or only eat it every once in a while. When consumers shop for turkey, we want them to look for the G.A.P. label. When shoppers buy G.A.P. certified meats, like turkey, they are voting for more humane farming practices, no antibiotics, no added hormones and no animal by-products for the entire life of the animal.

Here’s exactly what our guide contains:

  • Two easy turkey recipes (one for whole turkey & one for turkey breast only.)
  • Tips for planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and presentation.
  • Tips & trips for thawing, carving & dressing the bird.
  • List of brands that offer G.A.P. certified turkeys.

Our 16-page guide is available online at Upon entering an email address, a link to view the turkey guide is made available to you immediately. Use our guide to make an informed decision on turkey when shopping this Thanksgiving.

Get Your Free Turkey Guide Here