Does GAP Have Slaughter Standards?

GAP Has Comprehensive Slaughter Standards

The GAP Standards give you peace of mind about the final moments.

If you have been following our Program you know that the GAP welfare standards cover how animals are raised on the farm, but often we get questions about what happens when they are slaughtered. So, in short – does GAP have slaughter standards?

The answer is YES. We believe it is important to promote good welfare throughout the animal’s entire life, including its very last moments.

Though some prefer not to think about it, slaughter is an important topic and one that GAP takes very seriously. Our priority is to make sure it is done right so you can have peace of mind.

How do we make sure it’s done right?

  1. Most importantly, we require that all animals are stunned before slaughter. Stunning is a method where an animal is made unconscious and is unable to feel pain. Ensuring that this happens before slaughter is carried out is crucial for good animal welfare.
  2. The GAP slaughter standards apply to all animals that will be marketed as GAP certified. Every slaughter facility that our GAP farms use must also pass a third-party animal welfare audit (these are conducted annually rather than on a 15-month interval). GAP farms can use an existing approved third party animal welfare audit provided the audit covers all of the areas listed in our standards.
  3. Lastly, if you’ve ever wondered how meat from a GAP farm stays separate from meat from other farms, we also require the slaughter facility to have segregation protocols – to make sure GAP animals are processed separately from non-GAP animals throughout the entire process – and these segregation protocols are checked by the GAP certifiers.

Where can I find out more information?

GAP has slaughter standards for turkeys, chickens, pigs, bison, meat goats, and meat sheep and we are currently adding slaughter standards to our revised beef standards coming later this year. Check out our slaughter standards in more depth here. If you have questions about our slaughter standards, post them in the comments section below.

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