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G.A.P. Farm Life: A Peek Inside G.A.P. Certified Farms

G.A.P. Farm Life

Ever wonder what a real G.A.P.-certified farm looks like?

Depending on where the information comes from, farming is painted in either an exceptionally negative or exceptionally positive light. You’ve probably become used to seeing either animals piled in cages on top of each other, or cows dotted along a pasture on a bright, sunny day with daisies in the foreground. It’s hard to know what normal looks like when you’ve only been given two extremes.

That’s why we created G.A.P. Farm Life. Our consumers deserve to know what farmers and ranchers do day-in and day-out to take care of animals certified to our G.A.P. animal welfare standards. After all, in order to trust our label, you have to understand our process. Spoiler Alert: our standards are based in science, but practical enough to be implemented consistently on all G.A.P. farms. And we mean, ALL farms. We make sure each and every one of our G.A.P.-certified farms are audited so we know our standards are being met.

For the next few months, we’re going to let our #GAPFarmLife social media stories and blog posts open the farm gates to show you our program in action.

From seemingly mundane to unquestionably interesting topics, we will highlight a wide variety of farming practices in an effort to shed some light on this otherwise mysterious industry. Check out our next few blogs and these Instagram posts to get a taste of #GAPFarmLife:

We’ve got stories to tell, and lots of partners to highlight in the coming months, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, check our website for new articles, and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Have a topic or question you want to learn more about? Follow #GAPFarmLife on Instagram and comment or message us. Are you a G.A.P.-certified producer willing to be a part of our story? Email to find out how you can participate! (Psst… We’re offering program incentives for partners willing to share their photos and stories.)

So, until next time, remember you can learn more about our labeling program at And when you’re in the grocery store, remember to #MakeItGAP!

Krysta Morrissey

Author Krysta Morrissey

SENIOR FARM ANIMAL WELFARE SPECIALIST, GLOBAL ANIMAL PARTNERSHIP. Krysta's childhood dreams of becoming a large animal vet influenced her decision to study animal biology at the University of Guelph in Canada. While there, she found her love for farm animal welfare science and shifted gears to continue her education in poultry, mainly chicken, behavior and welfare. Her Master’s and PhD degrees focused on hunger mechanisms of broiler breeders and hens, and how those can be influenced in order to reduce feather pecking and cannibalism behaviors.

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