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Farm to Fork Support: Wayne Farms

Wayne Farms and G.A.P.

The Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) team is proud to partner with Wayne Farms, a leading poultry producer, based in Oakwood, Georgia. Some of the G.A.P. team recently met with Wayne Farms to conduct a two-day, off-site workshop and series of meetings in Maryland, including brainstorming how Wayne Farms can further leverage its’ G.A.P. certification, retailer meetings and store visits.

Over the past decade, G.A.P. has evolved into much more than just a standards organization. We are here not only to provide a platform for change, but also to support our partners throughout their entire supply chains, offering a variety of training and support. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our partners, working closely – sometimes even as an extension of their own team, to help create sustainable, profitable practices that enable them to flourish for generations to come.

During our meetings with Wayne Farms we leveraged G.A.P.’s expertise in public relations and social media, one of the areas we’re currently building. As G.A.P. seeks to reach more conscious consumers who eat meat, we’re keen to help our partners enhance their own consumer marketing capabilities so we can together have a stronger, more impactful voice, to get more consumers buying G.A.P. certified products.

In the fall of 2017, Wayne Farms earned G.A.P. certification for several farms for their new NAKED TRUTH® line of products. Wayne Farms is the nation’s 7th largest poultry producer with vast capabilities, specializing in private label (co-packing).  About 40% of Wayne Farms’ production has been converted to ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ (NAE). The NAKED TRUTH® brand represents Wayne Farms’ latest branded product project.  To date, there are 20 G.A.P. certified farms in the network with about 100 houses growing birds to the Step 2 standard.

Wayne Farms is an excellent example of a G.A.P. partner that is sees the value from our partnership – from connecting them with brands to buy their poultry, to brainstorming ways to impact more consumers via social media.

Existing G.A.P. partners are encouraged to reach out to us to learn how we can help make an even bigger impact on your business. Contact us here or email us at


Did you know that 2018 is G.A.P.’s 10 year anniversary? Learn about the impact we’re making here.