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Spring is finally here. As the vaccine continues to be distributed across the globe, we feel hopeful that maybe, just maybe, we can have a real family gathering sometime soon. But for now, many of us are probably resuming our #cookingfromhome routine for the upcoming Easter holiday. If the weather is cooperating, you may be able to eat outside or go for a walk before dinner. It’s the little things, right? Whether you choose to celebrate with a ham dinner, lamb dinner, or your special Easter concoction, we hope you’ll remember to #MakeitGAP this season. Every time you purchase a product with the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified label, you are voting with your dollars for better farm animal welfare practices. Not to mention, they taste absolutely delicious.

We compiled a few recipe suggestions depending on your animal protein of choice. Just check out your Easter meat personality quiz below and start making your grocery list.

What kind of Easter foodie are you?

Team Ham

Steadfast and loyal, you are a traditionalist. You respect your forefathers and foremothers who prepared a whole ham each Easter and made it the star of the table. You are practical and stable. You stick by your people, especially in hard times. Your friends would describe you as dependable and confident. You do have a creative side too, however. After all, you have to figure out what to do with all of that leftover ham every year. Any sacrifice to continue the tradition. You keep your eye on the prize.

After the carving and feasting is complete, we suggest the following leftover G.A.P. Certified ham recipes:

It’s not summer yet, so soup remains a possibility. We suggest this hearty Ham & Potato Chowder to make that ham disappear.

Have kids or just love those irresistible crescent rolls? We get it. These Ham & Cheese Pinwheels are sure to hit the spot.

Longing to incorporate your favorite Easter protein into your breakfast routine? Try this Ham & Broccoli Frittata. Leftover “problem” solved.

Team Lamb

Bold and ambitious, you like to stand out from the crowd. You are passionate and dynamic, always up for trying new things. You’re curious and intellectual – a true explorer. You navigate international cuisine like it’s your job. You feel that life is about discovering the extraordinary. And you’re not settling for anything less.

For you, we suggest the following G.A.P. Certified lamb recipes:

Looking for a special meal for a small number? Try this Lamb Chop with Cipollini Onions recipe. Made with lots of fresh herbs and easy to cook in your skillet.

Looking to celebrate with your recently-vaccinated family? Try this delectable Herb Roasted Rack of Lamb number.

Longing to keep it casual and fire up the grill because it’s technically spring even if the weather is struggling to make it out of the 50’s? Check out these Mediterranean Lamb Kebabs.

Mini Swedish Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes - #MakeItGAP RecipeTeam “Whatevs”

You are spontaneous and non-traditional. You like to keep your options open. Your friends may say you’re non-committal and even a bit indecisive. You don’t like to plan too far ahead because you never know if a better option may come along. You like what you like and you do what you like. Period. Happy and easy-going, you live life on your terms. Nobody is putting you in a box. 

So, for Easter, “do you” and eat whatever you like. Whether it’s beef, chicken, turkey, or goat, there’s a G.A.P. Certified meat for you. Hint: bookmark all of these recipes because we know you’re going to go to the store and buy whatever you think looks good or feels right in that moment. As long as you #MakeitGAP, we won’t judge. 

For you Easter rebels, here’s our recipe line-up:

If you’re feeling like a hearty “meat and potatoes” kind of Easter meal, why not try this Swedish Meatballs treat? It’s just as good the next day for lunch.

Planning to make something nice and easy this Sunday? Try this delicious Chicken Alfredo Casserole. Pro Tip: purchase a G.A.P. Certified rotisserie chicken and make it extra easy. You can also make it ahead of time to pop in the oven when you get home. Because, hey, you may have some awesome plans earlier that day.

Feeling like turkey but no energy for prepping and carving a whole bird? Try this yummy Turkey Tenderloin with brown sugar and whole grain mustard. 

Enjoy your weekend

However you choose to celebrate this Easter, we truly hope it makes you happy. Time with loved ones is the best. Even if you have to have yet another Zoom celebration, remain hopeful that the end of isolation is in sight. From all of us at G.A.P., we wish you a spring of new beginnings and happy times ahead. Cheers!