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A Savory Bit of Travel

By October 2, 2015May 26th, 2021Archives

Traveling is always super exciting, exhausting, but exciting.   Our team packed up and headed out to the west coast last week in anticipation of an amazing event being put on by the Savory Institute – Artisans of the Grasslands. This event brought together people from all over the globe.  Each one of these people represented a group, organization, or mission that focuses on changing the world for the better through holistic management of land, resources, and farm animals.

We are proud to say that among the groups partaking and promoting this movement were a few of our G.A.P. Step Rated ranchers from Country Natural Beef, Grassfed Livestock Alliance, and White Oak Pastures.  These farmers are committed to not only the utmost care for their animals but also understand how to be amazing stewards for the land.

Seeing people from all over the globe come together in one space to share their love and passion for the earth and it’s many creatures is inspiring.  Alan Savory, founder of the Savory institute, gave the closing speech on the first day and his final words led to a standing ovation,  “My hope is that the world can change; it’s not easy – change – but it’s possible.”

Change is possible, and it starts with each one of us as individuals. Get inspired and learn how you can change the world. #SavoryArtisans