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A Note from G.A.P. Step Rated Turkey Farm JD Farms

By November 1, 2015April 16th, 2021Meet Our G.A.P. Farm Partners

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My name is Jason Froese, my family has owned and ran JD Farms Specialty Turkey since 1979.

My Father Jack the J in JD Farms grew up on a chicken farm and wanted to continue in the poultry business and raise his children on a farm, my mother Debbie the D in JD Farms grew up on a Dairy farm and wanted the same values passed on. As my parents have retired recently, my sisters and I (Marilyn Morgan and Jennifer Huttema) run the farm with the help of 30 great employees.

My Favorite thing about farming is bringing my children to work with me and helping with weekend chores (I have 3 boys). Another great thing about farming is that you get to do such a variety of things from driving tractors to building barrier walls.

The great thing about working with G.A.P. is that it is a way our customers can read the Step 1 standards and really learn how our turkeys were raised!

Our specialty turkeys are mainly marketed to B.C. (British Columbia, Canada) customers, and also have an on farm store which we make over 100 products out of our turkey. Some of our products include sausages, pepperoni, jerky, soups, a variety of take home meals, deli meats, and more.

I love the feeling that people are enjoying our turkey as they enjoy each other during special holiday times!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a bit of our story!