For over 10 years, the G.A.P. labeling program has demonstrated thought leadership, industry leadership, and agricultural expertise across all facets of our organization.

Anne Malleau - Executive Director of Global Animal Partnership

Executive Director Anne Malleau studied and worked in animal agriculture for over 20 years and completed a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture, then a Master of Science in Animal Behavior and Welfare, and finally a Residential Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness. When she is not chasing after her kids, or helping her husband renovate their home, Anne enjoys crafts, cooking, and gardening.

In ten years, we’ve grown our program to now include 3900+ farms across seven (7) countries, with product available in 5000+ outlets. Our program supports systems across all climates and geographies while providing a road map for continuous improvement. Certification also covers all stages of production – from hatch through processing for poultry, and breeding through processing for pigs and ruminants – in other words, a fully comprehensive program that covers the entire life of the animal. We have also expanded our Labeled Product Authorization (LPA) program to include assistance connecting the entire supply chain. We think that’s what being a good partner is all about.

G.A.P. is grounded in science, with a forward-looking approach to business. Our certified farm and ranch partners are the backbone of our organization, but we continue to diversify our program to include more partners and stakeholders. Our G.A.P. farm team is a highly qualified group of agriculture experts, creating and evolving our farm animal welfare standards in the spirit of continuous improvement and our business team has many years of retail, marketing, meat buying, and product development experience. G.A.P. is different from other animal welfare programs because we audit each and every farm every 15 months through different seasons and across production life cycles. We know this level of transparency and integrity is important to consumers and to our program.

Consumer demand is driving change for farm animals, which is the fuel that drives our organization. And that’s something we can all feel good about. Together, we are raising the bar for meat products across North America. We look forward to building more awareness and generating more demand for the G.A.P. label for many years to come.

Best wishes,

Anne Malleau
Executive Director
Global Animal Partnership

The G.A.P. Team

Anne Malleau, Director of Global Animal Partnership

Anne Malleau

Executive Director

Diane McDade - LPA Program Lead

Diane McDade

Business Development Manager

Frances Valentine, Farm Animal Welfare Program Manager

Frances Valentine, PhD

Farm Animal Welfare Program Manager

Krysta Morrissey, Senior Farm Animal Welfare specialist

Krysta Morrissey, PhD

Senior Farm Animal Welfare Specialist

Pam Williford, Executive Assistant

Pam Williford

Office Manager

Kate Davis-Hill, Farm Animal Welfare specialist

Kate Davis-Hill

Farm Animal Welfare Specialist

Shannon Davis, Aquaculture Welfare Specialist

Shannon Davis

Aquaculture Welfare Specialist

Chrissy Haynes, Project Manager

Chrissy Haynes

Project Manager