Our History

In 2008, Whole Foods Market – a US-based natural and organic food grocer – successfully piloted a Step-rated Program at the launch of their flagship store in London, England. With the success of the launch in the UK, WFM’s co-CEO John Mackey felt that a significantly greater impact could be achieved internationally by having an independent organization own and develop a farm animal welfare certification Program. And so in late 2008, with help from Whole Foods Market, the Global Animal Partnership was born.

Since that time, we’ve grown our team and program to better serve all of our partners. We look forward to continuing our strong partnerships with farmers, ranchers, producers, manufacturers, food service companies, and restaurants as we continue to grow awareness and demand for GAP products.

Why Trust GAP?

Technical Knowledge

We’ve created a comprehensive program of standards for each animal group.


Our 5-Step Rating program tells you exactly how the animals have been raised.


Every single farm partner is audited by an independent company every 15 months.


NO antibiotics, animal by-products in feed or added hormones. EVER. You can buy GAP 5-Step® certified meat or products with confidence knowing that the animals have been raised following comprehensive standards focused on their care and welfare. We think this creates better tasting meat.

GAP Board of Directors

David Pitman

David Pitman

Pitman Family Farms

Aaron Gross, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Farm Forward

Dr. Aaron Gross

Founder & CEO, Farm Forward

Sara Shields

Dr. Sara Shields

Behavior and Welfare Specialist, Humane Society International

Dan Probert, Global Animal Partnership Board Member

Dan Probert

Owner, Probert Ranch

Paul Willis, Global Animal Partnership Board Member

Paul Willis

Manager, Niman Ranch Pork Company

AC Gallo, Global Animal Partnership Board Member

AC Gallo

President, Whole Foods Market

Matthew Bershadker, Global Animal Partnership Board Member

Matthew Bershadker

President and CEO, ASPCA

Cheryl Queen

Cheryl Queen

Compass Group North America

Rachel Dreskin, Executive Director for Compassion in World Farming - USA

Rachel Dreskin

Executive Director for Compassion in World Farming - USA

GAP Executive Director

Anne Malleau - Managing Director of Global Animal Partnership

Our current Executive Director is Anne Malleau. Anne hails from Canada and currently lives and works from her farm outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, traveling wherever she needs to be.

Anne studied and worked in animal agriculture for over 20 years and completed a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture, then a Master of Science in Animal Behavior and Welfare, and finally a Residential Master of Business Administration in Agribusiness. When she is not chasing after her kids, or helping her husband renovate their home, Anne enjoys many crafts, cooking, and gardening.

“The thing I love about working for GAP the best, is all of the interaction we have with farmers and ranchers – I love talking with them about how they raise their animals; it’s always interesting and inspiring.”