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Changing the way
food is raised.


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Animal Welfare Certified Label - Global Animal Partnership

Changing the way food is raised.


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Global Animal Partnership is one of the largest animal welfare food labeling programs in North America.

We believe that meaningful label claims, validated by third-party farm audits, are key to influencing the industry, raising consumer expectations, and creating long-lasting change.


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Our Label

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 1
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 2
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 3
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 4
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 5
Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 5+

G.A.P.’s Animal Welfare Certified food labeling program also means that animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products. The higher the number, the more the animal’s environment mimics its natural environment.

From Farm to Fork,
the label you can trust.

Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Step 1

Our Scope

We work with many partners to link G.A.P. certified supply with consumer demand.

Global Animal Partnership: Farms & Ranches
We work with farms to implement our G.A.P. standards.
Global Animal Partnership: Retailers
These partners carry and market G.A.P. certified meat, eggs, and other licensed products in their stores.
Global Animal Partnership: Manufacturers & Processing Plants
Processors have to be certified to package G.A.P. ingredients for bulk or retail purchase.
Global Animal Partnership: Food Service
These establishments support G.A.P.’s mission by using G.A.P. certified ingredients in their menu offerings.
Global Animal Partnership: Products & Brands
Through our Labeled Product Authorization (LPA) program, brands use G.A.P. certified products and label their product with our seal.
Global Animal Partnership: Corporate Partners
As G.A.P. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our corporate partners support our program through monetary donations.

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G.A.P. strives for quality in everything we do; but we're humble enough to admit that there's always room for improvement. That's why one of our core values is "continuous improvement". The spirit of continuous improvement also allows us to be bold. We are constantly asking "why?" and frequently finding ourselves answering "why not?". We live this core value everyday.

Which brings us to G.A.P.'s Better Chicken Project.

A majority of the animals that G.A.P. certifies are broiler chickens, just as the majority of meat purchased in the U.S. is chicken. Have you noticed how large chicken breasts have gotten? Have you started prepping your chicken breast and noticed white lines (called "white striping) or breasts that are hard to cut, and even more unpleasant to eat (called "woody breasts")? That all starts with the breed of chicken raised, as well as the way they were raised. The G.A.P. program has always addressed the animal's physical health and environment with our animal welfare standards but, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we realized that we had to address broiler breed, too. And so the Better Chicken Project was born.

Today, we're working hard to chart a path for companies and brands committed to better chicken, so that chickens live a better life, and you can enjoy better tasting chicken. Never stop improving.

To read more about the Better Chicken Project, visit >>>>>

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It's August which means... you've probably grilled LOTS of burgers this summer. I mean, who doesn't love a burger?!? If you're ready to mix it up, try some Thai! We love this recipe for Thai turkey burgers with Asian slaw. Yes, your loved ones will thank you. Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP! ( bio)

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Do you look for the G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified label when you shop for pet food? We hope so! We are adding more and more high-quality brands every month who are committed to welfare for ALL animals. Check out our Pet Parents page to learn more and #MakeitGAP! ( bio)

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Have you tried ground pork? It's a great alternative to ground beef and turkey. We found this delicious recipe for grilled pork patties with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Make it Keto and low-carb friendly by serving the patties on butter lettuce instead of a bun. Don't forget to look for the Animal Welfare Certified label and #MakeitGAP. Enjoy! ( bio)

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Time for another animal science fact from G.A.P.! Sows (female pigs) have a strong, natural desire to build a nest before her piglets arrive. This includes using her nose to root around in the straw, pawing the hay, and moving straw with her mouth. When given adequate space and nest-building material, sows are less stressed and more settled leading up to farrowing (giving birth). In addition, studies have shown that allowing sows to build nests actually results in better maternal care of her piglets, leading to healthier piglets.

How has G.A.P. used this research?

First, we never allow the use of restrictive crates for pigs. This includes any type of confinement used for sows while giving birth and afterwards, when she’s with her piglets. Sows must be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down with ease. In addition, G.A.P. not only requires that sows have bedding, but also that they have nesting materials.

In contrast, many conventionally raised sows are kept in farrowing crates that are designed to restrict movement, preventing sows from turning around. In addition, these crates usually have slatted floors without any bedding or nest building material. In this type of environment, sows are not able to perform their natural peripartum behavior like nest building.

G.A.P.’s animal welfare standards are based in science, with the animals’ needs first. Check out our Pig Standards to learn more about our requirements at every Step: ( bio). (Note: scroll down and hit the “G.A.P. Pig Standards” button to read the full document!)

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'Tis the time for grilling. Have you ever made carne asada? If not, you'll want to add this one to your protein rotation. Marinate flank steak or skirt steak with this marinade overnight, then grill and slice for tacos, tostadas, or serve on a plate with your favorite sides. We can literally *smell* this photo. Can you? Make it this week and let us know what you think! Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP! ( bio)

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Do you know what an "enrichment" is? In animal welfare terms, G.A.P. defines an enrichment as "materials given or installed, which add complexity to the animal's environment and encourage the expression of natural behavior". Environmental enrichments ultimately contribute to an improved quality of life for the animals.

So what's an example of an "environmental enrichment"?

In our G.A.P. Dairy Cattle Standards, large brushes mounted so that cows can rub their backs and sides on them are a great example. It is well documented that cattle readily seek out and use brushes when provided. Cattle use the brushes to groom themselves, which helps remove unwanted dirt and organisms from their coats. Grooming also helps cattle cope with stressful situations.

So, when we say our standards are the most "meaningful" in the industry, we mean it. We have applied decades of animal behavior research to develop a unique tiered animal welfare approach that puts the animal's needs and wants first.

Check out our lengthy (115 pages!) Dairy Cattle Standards including detailed documentation on body condition and scoring if you want to see how truly comprehensive our standards are. ( bio)

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Looking for a healthy, easy dinner you can make on the grill? Check out these grilled sausage and veggie skewers with pineapple barbecue sauce. 🍍☀️The shopping list is easy too: grab your favorite G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified sausage, chicken, beef, or pork, your family's favorite veggies, a fresh pineapple, and BBQ sauce. Chop, skewer, marinate, and grill. Voila! Dinner is served. Just don't forget to look for the G.A.P. label when you shop! ( bio)

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Did you know? In order to reach our G.A.P. Base Certification (Step 1) and Enriched Environment Certification (Step 2), chickens must be provided with at least 6 hours of continuous darkness daily. For Steps 3 and higher, chickens must be provided with at least 8 hours of continuous darkness.

Why do we require this? Because we've done our research. Like humans, chickens are "diurnal". This means they are naturally active during the day and seek rest at night. Requiring 6 or more hours of darkness gives the birds adequate time to rest. You might be surprised to learn that outside of G.A.P., chickens are typically given shorter, inadequate periods of darkness (sometimes as little as 0-1 hours a day). This is meant to increase feeding time and growth rate. However, studies show giving birds a longer dark period increases sleep behavior and regulates diurnal rhythms, which, in turn, improves the health and welfare of the birds.

G.A.P.'s animal welfare standards are based in science, with the animal's needs at the forefront. Check out our Chicken Standards to learn more about our requirements at every Step: ( bio)

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Love burgers but want to ditch the bun? Check out this recipe for low-carb burger bowls! Pat out burgers with your favorite G.A.P. Certified protein - beef, turkey, lamb, or chicken - and throw them on the grill with your favorite veggies. Add some of your favorite leafy greens with your favorite dressing and you've got a protein-packed salad full of whole foods that will leave feeling ready for swimsuit season. Just don't forget to #MakeitGAP! ( bio)

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Happy 4th of July! We hope you are grilling and relaxing.

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Looking for a new recipe to add to your 4th of July weekend BBQ? Check out these salmon bites! The perfect starter for your weekend gathering. We're working hard to get our new G.A.P. Farmed Salmon Standards into practice so you'll be able to buy G.A.P. Certified salmon near you in 2022! Stay tuned! ( bio)

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We are so proud that @CampfireTreats sources G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified chicken, turkey, and beef for their treats. Learn more about Marko Wittich, President of Campfire Treats, by checking out our latest blog below. We talked with Marko about why he decided to start his company and what he has planned for the future. Thank you, Marko, for prioritizing farm animal welfare for your products and for our favorite pets! #MakeitGAP ( bio)

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More great news about our new fish welfare standards! We ranked first in the new Benchmarking Report from @aquaticlifeinstitute! Check out our blog to learn more and read the report. We are so proud to be recognized. #MakeitGAP (link in bio)

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Happy First Official Day of Summer! Have you fired up your grill yet? We love grilling for so many reasons but the #1 reason is that meat is always the star of the show. Looking for another marinade recipe to add to your arsenal? Try this greek marinade for pork chops -- marinate overnight, for the whole day, or marinate and freeze for later. Just don't forget to look for the Animal Welfare Certified label when you shop and #MakeitGAP! (link in bio)

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